Long-sleeve shirt
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so voce ¥ 7800 + tax

A long-sleeved T-shirt made of extra-thick fabric with a unique grainy feel, made from American casual classic open-ended spun yarn.

The cuffs are ribbed and the neck ribs are sewn with double stitching for strong stretch. It features a vintage texture and is comfortable to wear.

Blume ¥ 5800 + tax

Exquisite size and rib specifications. Moderate rib width is a casual style accent. The fabric is thick and can be used for almighty

Blume Ⅱ ¥ 7000 + tax

The exquisite balance of discoloration when washed creates a vintage-like atmosphere.

PUPA ¥ 4000 + tax

A large classic long-sleeved T-shirt that is easy to use regardless of the scene

・ Items that are comfortable to wear and have a good silhouette and can be used anywhere

DOLL ¥ 7000 + tax
▽ CLAW ▽ L / S v ¥ 4300 + tax

A sweatshirt with an OLL illustration printed on it. There is a feeling of roughness peculiar to open-ended yarn. It is also strong and is a thick brushed back sweatshirt. The side panels are ribbed, so you can enjoy a unique texture and aging so that you can wear it without losing its shape. It has a loose silhouette with a vintage feel, and the cuffs are ribbed with strength.

Odium ¥ 5000 + tax
ложь ¥ 3800 + tax
Rose ¥ 5100 + tax

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